Air fryers cook southeast asian meals

All credit to a Unique way of Preparing Food

South East Asian foods are known to have easy-to-follow recipes. They may be lovely simple recipes, but those who love to cook are always looking for ways to make cooking better – healthier and more delicious.

When it comes to Southeast Asian meals, you can expect mouth-watering fare lightly prepared with healthy herbs and spices. Exotic spices are the inspiration for so many of their flavor-packed recipes. Veganism is widespread in Asian countries that the best restaurants also attract customers with wonderfully healthy, appealing dishes.

Visiting Southeast Asian restaurants, you can expect the kitchens to include wood fires, woks and kitchen equipment such as air fryers that can cook everyone’s favorites. But will an air fryer be able to bring health, flavor, and beauty to your table? What is an air fryer? Will it be able to cook some of the recipes from your grandmother’s kitchen or when you want a fast, healthy brunch will it deliver?


A time-saving cooking appliance

Everybody is in a rush today and that’s the beauty about these air fryers – they definitely cook faster so there’s not all that waiting around for food. In a restaurant when people have limited time, this is a huge advantage.

They’re so simple to use too and even kids can safely prepare themselves a quick tasty snack. They can heat up frozen meals for themselves when their parents aren’t around.

What many people don’t realize with these air fryers is that you can also bake with them. Look at the wonderful Chewy Coconut Bibingka cake made with the likes of coconut milk, butter and condensed milk.

Or what about the sweet Martabak manis, a thick, sweet pancake, filled with chocolate, and roasted peanuts? You can purchase baking accessories for your air fryer and make these finger-licking treats.


Food is never limp and oil-soaked

Air fryers are powerful little ovens that use air to heat food. Many people think they are fryers but they are in fact ovens. You won’t find any unhealthy foods drenched in oil with these super countertop appliances.

If you want to fry some chicken, prawns, or fries quickly, there’s no need to wait around while you wait for a pot of oil to heat up. With sweet and spicy sauces they can be arranged in the air fryer and in a jiffy they’ll be ready.

They can bake, grill,  roast, and broil but they don’t deep fry. Of course, you don’t need oil, making the air fryer a much healthier way to cook food. But that doesn’t by any means suggest that the food is boring. You can still enjoy all your deliciously tasty ‘forbidden’ treats such as french fries and onion rings without being left with a guilty conscience.

Air fryers can be used in so many ways and those who own one love the different cooking options it offers. Websites like show a huge variety of recipes and air fryers.


Great for crunchy vegetables

Air fryers work perfectly for all the fruits and vegetables that are such an important part of SouthEast Asia cuisine. Beans, broccoli, carrots, and potatoes are crisp and tasty. Chicken too in an air fryer will ensure the most tender pieces of chicken. Pasta is a favorite dish and a super Southeast Asian meal is Ginger Garlic Noodles. This is a recipe packed full of nutritious ingredients such as garlic, mushrooms, ginger, rice noodles turmeric, and other ingredients.

The point is, they can all go into the perforated basket. The air fryer then cooks the food by blowing hot air around it. You can say that it is the force of the air the produces a convection effect, cooking and browning the food so that it looks so tempting.


Minimize your calorie intake

One of the benefits of using an air fryer is that you can minimize your calorie intake by up to 80% when you compare it to something that was deep-fried. Deep fat fried foods are particularly high in calories, more so when hydrogenated oils are used.

Because an air fryer doesn’t require fat, it can provide a healthier option. While you don’t need to use oils to cook food in an air fryer, you can always use a little bit for some recipes.

If you’ve ever thrown caution to the winds and indulged in a fry-up feast, you’ll be interested in finding out more about these air fryers. They can be incredibly efficient for busy people and you can cook everything in them, from chicken to vegetables to frozen foods, and in less time than regular cooking methods.

The Asian people are some of the longest living people in the world and it’s quite likely got to do with their unique diet and the way it’s prepared. It’s why Pranna Restaurant has opted to provide its customers with delicious Southeast Asian culinary delights. The restaurant invites you to come and relax in its wonderful relaxing atmosphere and see how the entire experience is guaranteed to spice up your life.